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One of the things I most enjoy about working in the crypto sector (apart from my awesome colleagues and the constant flow of fascinating change) is the level of debate.

I’m not being sarcastic – there are many takes I strongly disagree with, but when they are put forward by people with rational and inquisitive minds (which can be most of the time, depending on your Twitter filters), the engagement invariably ends up enriching my own opinion. And, sometimes, bouncing someone else’s conviction off yours opens your eyes to nuances you hadn’t seen. Who knows? Entertaining conflicting points might actually change minds. 

Now, when you take two intelligent opinions that you don’t agree with, throw them together with yours and stir them up a bit, magic can do its uncomfortable thing. That happened to me this week.

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Many of you will already have seen Bloomberg commentator Joe Weisenthal’s list of six reasons why bitcoin has not had a great year. To recap, they were a lack of new highs,

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