Stratus is Finally Here! Why Everyone Should Jump on The New Trendy Social Media


Stratus is taking social media by a storm, compiling services from well known social media platforms into one extensive ecosystem. 

The platform is stirring up a collection of services from mainstream social media forums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It will facilitate crypto exchanges using blockchain technology from the Apollo blockchain and offer alternatives to trading platforms such as Robinhood and Coinbase. 

The new social network boasts of attributes that are both unique and superior to pre-existing social media communities. It is secure, convenient, and doesn’t censor opinions from its users for any reason except when the expression or content is illegal.

In July, Stratus CEO Stephen McCullah announced his revolutionary social network in Q3 2020, with the hashtag’ end censorship’. He added that people can now have their data securely kept and bid goodbye to unnecessary censorship. 

The announcement has since received a heap of praise as social media users worldwide gear up to welcome a new and truly transformative invention into the social media space.

Stratus Making Bold Moves in the Fintech Industry 

Stephen McCullah recently spoke out about people finding their business data in advertisements after posting them on portals like Facebook. Such incidents discourage many people from sharing their personal info on social media, which clearly breach users’ trust by phishing private data shared on their platforms. 

To solve this menacing issue of data mining, Stratus offers an ecosystem free of disappointments that highly favored social media platforms continue to dish out to their consumers. 

The platform ensures that user data is secure by end-to-end military encryption, which guarantees that user data stays private. No other social ecosystem values the importance of consumer information like McCullah’s revolutionary network. 

What’s more, Stratus seeks to truly uphold the freedom of speech, as most forums censor people’s comments in an uncalled-for manner. All ideas and opinions are imperative for the balance of a society, according to McCullah and his dedicated Stratus team. 

Taking that free expression away from social media lovers is the utmost propagation of an opinion oppression culture. Stratus is dedicated to developing the world’s truly censorship-free social platform that will entice freedom-loving people everywhere. 

Getting More Out of the Social Media Experience 

The Stratus social ecosystem incorporates functionalities of popular platforms in one self-sustainable, safe, and reliable network. 

The vulnerability that social media users face while navigating multiple accounts on platforms like Youtube and Facebook is alarming. Identity theft, credit card fraud, and many other issues cloud this online space and expose ordinary folks to immense threats every day.

That is why Steve McCullah came up with solutions to these problems by envisioning a new social network that would integrate state-of-the-art security solutions to the ever-expanding world of social networking. Using this extraordinary social ecosystem means waving goodbye to exposure of user data.

Furthermore, Stratus gives its users an all in one account that incorporates the best features of mainstream social platforms such as socializing, entertainment, information, and financial services.

Stratus is the Ultimate Alternative to Existing Social Medial 

Stratus welcomes all social media enthusiasts who currently seek alternatives to existing social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Everyone can apply to be verified, so it will be easy to identify a catfish and a legit user. Out goes the criteria of blue ticks belong to famous people only.

One of Stratus’s many benefits is it supports functions of payment, trade, and exchange services. Whether it is crypto, fiat money, or Forex stocks, anyone can carry about their preferred business within the platform. 

All money transfers and exchanges will be done under one wallet, conveniently limiting access solely to the account owner.

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