Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing Platform Token: OVI Token in BankCEX on 8th June 2021


Due to rising global demand for OVI Token, Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange (Oviex) strategically collaborates with one of the global leading exchanges – BankCEX by listing its prevalent platform token: OVI Token in the said reputable exchange. Cryptocurrency users are now accessible to BankCEX embarking on 8th June 2021 at 09:00 UTC to trade OVI Token. There is a range of trading pairs available to trade OVI Token, for instance, OVI/USDT and OVI/ETH. Since after the launching of OVI token by Oviex, OVI Token has been successively receiving enthusiastic reactions over global market. In order to accommodate the increasing global demand for OVI Token, Oviex then listed OVI Token in Vindax, following by BankCEX. Yet, there are still more listing collaborations with global leading platforms to be announced. 

Price Trend and Trade Volume of OVI Token

Heightened Global Demand for OVI Token

vHeightened global demand for OVI Token is witnessed from its enormous daily trading volume in Oviex, exceeding 8million per day. There are dominant factors contributing to the heightened global demand for OVI Token. The first and foremost significant factor is the contribution of Research and Development conducted by Oviex in stimulating and strengthening its blockchain ecosystem. Besides, the success of Trade Mining Reward advocated by Oviex has been consecutively gaining favourable response from the cryptocurrency users and/or traders worldwide. These are the profound evidences of intensive market confidence towards the circulation of OVI Token and blockchain ecosystem of Oviex, hence, contributing to the rising number of active users and traders engaging with Oviex across the years since the establishment of Oviex.

OVI Mining Pool Dashboard

Preamble of OVI Token Trade Mining Reward by Oviex

OVI Token Trade Mining Reward is an engagement approach to welcome global cryptocurrency users and/or traders, regardless of newbies or the experienced ones, with an aim to further generate Oviex as a household brand as well as one of the global leading exchanges that covers extremely wide and broad market. As a welcoming approach to become a part of Oviex, Oviex rewards cryptocurrency users who hold OVI Token in their fund balance. In order for cryptocurrency users to earn their rewards, there are three mining pools: Mining Pool Lite, Mining Pool Premium and Mining Pool Introducing Broker (IB) for their choice of options. Eligible cryptocurrency users of the mining pools are entitled to OVI Token once they have generated trading volume as stated to Oviex. This is a fabulous mining innovation introduced by Oviex without mining machine or staking. Cryptocurrency users are now having alternative to earn from blockchain rather than the ordinary way of trading spot, margin and futures market in cryptocurrency. 

Milestones of Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Oviex has been successively exposing itself to large market coverage and developing huge divisions of communities across countries and regions through cryptocurrency expos, summits, and conventions. As Oviex is gradually attaining tremendous number of users and/or traders in the global market, it deliberately develops its ecosystem with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, Oviex is soon available with more trading pairs in its exchange, providing listing services for potential cryptocurrencies as well as establishing Oviex Lab to incubate cryptocurrencies projects such as research and development in blockchain technology, and tactical development for new cryptocurrencies start up. By complementing and supplementing the financial system and capital markets, Oviex initiates a diversity of decentralised-related services and alternatives such as futures trading, options trading, and P2P exchange with the greatest liquidity at competitively low cost. Apart from that, Oviex conducts and advocates a range of remunerative and profitable programs such as trade mining, stake mining, and referral rewards to enrich and maximize the welfare and interests of the users and/or traders of Oviex. Therefore, there would be subsequently getting multitudinous loyal users and/or traders commit to and engage with Oviex as it generates the most benefits with the lowest cost.

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