Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launching Platform Token: OVI


Oviex Emphasizes Decentralized Finance

Oviex.com, a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 and headquartered in Malta. It emphasizes the framework of De-centralized Finance (DeFi), facilitating a full-fledged capital market by providing peer-to-peer alternatives against traditional financial institutions, making financial markets more accessible to retail investors, welcoming and broadening investment opportunities, as well as easing users and/or traders on complex financial transfers more efficiently and effectively. According to DeFi Pulse (2020), it has recorded a tremendous increase in the implementation of DeFi from 2018 to 2020. In January 2018, there was only $56.942M of crypto collateral locked in DeFi economy. It then rose to $241.214M in January 2019. In December 2020, the figures had grown abruptly throughout the year to $14.558B, which has recorded all-time high and it is forecasted to spur further. This has illustrated a very noteworthy interest growth in the cryptocurrency market worldwide.

Evolution of Oviex.com

As a trustworthy and credible platform, Oviex.com has committed to become one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With the absolute advantageous features of Oviex.com in terms of its extremely high liquidity, attractively low transaction cost and trading fee, advanced matching engine, precision and accuracy of real-time view of trading graph, secure wallet as well as advanced security solution, it has gradually gained market confidence with continuous rising number of users and/or traders using this platform to trade, invest and exchange since after it was established. Based on the finding from Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange (2020), it has recorded 24-hour trading volume of $374,327.0033 as on 30 December 2020 and still growing. 

Preamble of Platform Token: OVI

With the intellectuality, capability and competency of Oviex.com, it soon issues its own platform cryptocurrency: OVI. The total supply of OVI is 100,000,000 and the expected issuing price per OVI is $1. As a welcoming approach associated with the launching of OVI implemented by Oviex.com, users and/or traders who own OVI are entitled to several advantages and rewards for their loyalty. For instance, users and/or traders could enjoy trading fee discounts, being upgraded to VIP status, being granted priorities and personalized services such as dedicated lifetime Account Manager to manage respective account portfolios, transactions, queries and advisory for VIPs. Besides, users and/or traders are entitled to the rights to vote for which tokens to be listed in Oviex.com as well as acquiring privileged access to participate in a series of rewarding programs as certain programs are only available to limited number of participants. 

Development of OVI

Another tactical measure conducted by Oviex.com is to strategically organize collaborations between OVI and other tokens to assemble and develop cross chain, which in turn deriving trading pairs with OVI as base currency. This could effectively further intensify the liquidity and efficiency of OVI trading.  Thereafter, Oviex.com would allocate partial of its profits derived from exchange businesses to repurchase OVI from the market and conduct burning to demolish OVI quarterly. Thus, the supply of OVI reduces from time to time, whereas the demand for OVI grows continuously. As a result, the value of OVI would be sustainably rising. It strengthens the belief that OVI has the potential to grow in its value, even a multiplier over time.

Case Studies of Successful Platform Token

Proven by several exchange platforms such as Binance, Huobi and OKEX, these platforms issue their respective official tokens. For instance, Binance issued Binance Coin (BNB) at $0.11 and it rose to $37.59 per BNB on 30 December 2020 (Binance Academy, 2020). In addition, Huobi Global launched Huobi Token (HT) at $1.52 and it grew to $4.33 on 30 December 2020. Also, OKEX introduced OKB at $1.58 and it reached $7.58 on 30 December 2020. The growth of these official tokens is backed by exchange businesses of their respective exchange platforms. These official tokens are inherent with multiple use cases such as fueling transactions on Blockchain, paying for cryptocurrency trading fees on the particular exchange platform (with discount perks), making in-store payments, securing money in times of need and most significantly, earning active and passive income simultaneously. 

The Growing of Blockchain Technology

Witnessed from the multiple use cases of Blockchain associated with cryptocurrencies, it has clearly shown the utilization of cryptocurrencies are becoming more practical in reality. First and foremost, it is more cost-effective as compared to the traditional transaction systems since it eliminates the need for intermediaries. It is much more efficient as the transaction information is recorded once and is available to all parties throughout the distributed network. Additionally, it is safe and secure as the transactions can never be modified, amended or discarded. A transaction can only be reversed through another transaction, with both transactions being visible. This has effectively eliminated the drawbacks of the centralized traditional transaction systems, in which the centralized third party might compromise through fraud and cyberattacks which put online users at risks. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, security and transparency of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology offer distinct value in many environments such as business conduct and household usage. 

Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Milestones

Oviex.com has been exposing itself to large market coverage and huge quantity of audience through a wide range of marketing approaches such as cryptocurrency expos, summits and conventions. Since Oviex.com is successively attaining increasing number of users and/or traders in the economy, it deliberately develops its ecosystem with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. By complementing and supplementing the financial system and capital markets, Oviex.com initiates and introduces a diversity of financial services and alternatives such as future trading, option trading and P2P exchange with greatest liquidity at competitively low cost. Apart from that, Oviex.com conducts and advocates a range of remunerative and profitable programs such as trade mining, stake mining and referral rewards to enrich and maximize the welfare and interests of the users and/or traders of Oviex.com. Therefore, there would be subsequently getting multitudinous users and/or traders commit to and engage with Oviex.com as it generates the most benefits with the lowest cost.

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