Mining HNT With Helium.Bar


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the top applications of blockchain technology. By using it, the connection across the network of interconnected devices can be truly decentralized.

Helium puts this technology in one of the most used networks in the world: wireless data transferring. Moreover, the Helium team takes the mining process, which has become really complicated for new users to participate and simplifies it to its minimum.

The current IoT landscape, although it offers a lot of benefits to users, is insecure and prone to attacks. The Helium Network, on the other hand, is a lot safer. Moreover, its LongFi system reach is much wider than that of traditional WiFi.

LongFi uses the LoRaWAN protocol (a low-power, long-range wireless network) connected to the Helium blockchain to transfer data across devices easily, without the need to deploy gateways or network servers. It also allows for micropayments so users only pay based on their usage.

Mining Helium is really easy. All you need to do is set up a hotspot device and that’s it, you’ll start earning rewards. Instead of traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW), like Bitcoin, Helium uses a mechanism called Proof-of-Coverage, which is less resource-intensive. It only requires mining hardware to be set in a specific place and connect to the rest of the network.

You can choose from up to 9 hotspot devices to set up and mine Helium. Each of these has a different cost and provides varying rewards, based on their specific architecture. All rewards are paid in HNT, our native token.

Hotspot Mining Plans Of Helium.Bar

The Plans from are fixed for one year and you can earn around 0.3 – 2 HNT, depending on the device you install and how occupied the network is. These plans range from $697 to $825, although the investment pays off due to the high daily yield.

The most profitable plan is the Rak Hotspot Miner, although it’s also the most expensive. The annual cost is $825 and the expected daily return ranges from 0.5 to 2 HNT. The Bobcat Miner and the Nebra Hotspot Miner are both $697, with an expected daily return of 0.5 to 1.5 HNT.

Once you earn 2 HNT (within a day or two), you can withdraw them to your address. You can purchase the plans using credit cards, through Stripe, or by paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum, secured by Coinbase.


The Helium Network is growing fast and spreading across all of Europe and the US. This empowers our community and further expands the mining opportunities. If you don’t want to acquire a hotspot device just yet, you can participate in cloud mining, through Helium.Bar.

You just need to connect to the existing network (you can see the full map here) and get your HNT coins. You’ll get the benefits of Helium mining and save the initial investment cost.

The team is based in Stuttgart and have a wide experience in the tech and radio industry. They decided to take this knowledge and use it to build a great decentralized wireless network.

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