How Big Is the Opportunity in Bitcoin? – The Motley Fool


Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) is by far the largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of about $1 trillion. But many experts believe there’s still a tremendous growth opportunity here. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on March 18, Aaron Bush, head of The Motley Fool’s Extreme Opportunities franchise, asks Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, just how big the Bitcoin opportunity is. 

Aaron Bush: What is your view on Bitcoin today and what do you think the opportunity is from here? You’ve already teased order of magnitude. But maybe to connect into this, what do you think is still misunderstood about Bitcoin today that lends itself to have that order of magnitude?

Dan Morehead: Well, the thing I would say is, I think it’s just not understood by enough people yet. As I mentioned, when I started investing in it, there was maybe 200,000 people using. Maybe there are 100 million people now, but there’s still several billion people that don’t have any exposure to Bitcoin, they don’t really know about it. What I found over the years of financializing this new asset class is there really isn’t any well-written, articulate paper that is negative on

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