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2 Big Dividend Stocks Yielding 7%; Analysts Say ‘Buy’

Let’s talk about defending your portfolio. It’s a common impulse for most investors, when the economy starts to turn sour. We’re in a growth phase now, with economic activity rebounding strongly from the corona-crisis shutdowns, and with reopening getting into full stride, economists are predicting up to 8% GDP expansion this year. But there are clouds on the horizon. Inflation is rising, and the April jobs report was, simply put, a disaster. The Biden Administration is pushing multi-trillion dollar spending plans that are likely to boost inflation, while the expanded unemployment benefits are giving the unemployment rate an artificial boost. But with all that, the Federal Reserve has signaled that it does not intend to raise interest rates. Writing from investment banking firm Canaccord, analyst Tony Dwyer acknowledges the unsettled market conditions. “Although the major market indices remain near record levels, there has been incredible volatility underneath due to confusion around the path of inflation and the Federal Reserve insistence it is transitory. We fully expect the rotational volatility to continue over the coming weeks, with investors debating the outlook for inflation ahead of the newest economic data in early June as the Fed goes into their quiet period ahead of the June 15-16 FOMC meeting,” Dwyer noted. All of this

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