Bitcoin Accepted Here: Pornhub

pornhub accepts bitcoin btc

Adult Entertainment leader Pornhub has added a Bitcoin (BTC) payment option for users wanting access to its premium content.

The adult sex platform made the announcement in a tweet yesterday, telling its subscribers that they could pay in both Bitcoin and Litecoin (LTC).

The move led many Pornhub followers to express their delight in being able to use Bitcoin to gain access to the harder content. No pun intended.

In response to Pornhub’s announcement, one follower, Joe Lit, simply said ‘fuck yes’. Enjoy Joe, and don’t go spending all your Bitcoin as you might be the next Pizza Guy.

However, not everyone is satisfied with Pornhub’s move to make the hardest money a payment option for their subscribers.

First Born Satoshi (a strange name for a member of the XRP Army) had a rush of blood and was obviously erectile at Pornhub’s decision.

‘That’s utterly stupid,’ tweeted First Born Satoshi. ‘Just allow payments via $XRP and it’ll cost your users nothing plus the payments would take only 4 seconds compared to hours that $BTC or $LTC would take.’

Maybe First Born Satoshi wanted to spend his XRP as long as he lasts in his dark, little room. Then again, if he’s spending XRP every four seconds he’d soon lose it all, but at least he’d have a strong right arm to show for all his vanished XRP.

Pornhub Has Been Pro-Cryptocurrency For A While

Launched in Montreal in 2007 and now headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, Pornhub has grown to become the biggest Adult Entertainment platform in the world, but Bitcoin isn’t its first foray into cryptocurrency payments.

The company has been accepting payments with privacy-focused Verge (XVG) since April 2018, and it’s believed that PornHub will start accepting USDT, also.

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